Cyclone Louvres & Cyclone-Proof Shutters

Install Cyclone Louvres to Protect your Home From the Elements

Elipso Cyclone Louvres are the first choice when strength and durability is a priority. Created out of necessity to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, our cyclone shutters has been installed throughout the Northern Territory and Queensland and has survived Category 3-4 Cyclones in areas where consumers with opposition product have not been so lucky.

The unique panel design is not only the strongest on the market but also the most versatile, offering the choice of horizontal blades above the transom with vertical blades below, all vertical blades, glass panel in the bottom and horizontal in the top, aluminium panel with vertical in the top, basically any combination you can think of.

This product is best suited for multi storey applications (3 storeys and above) and also waterfront applications where exposed to severe weather conditions. The CL can also be manufactured to comply with Australian balustrade regulations, when mounted on patios or balconies above 4 metres from ground level.

A home in Queensland with cyclone louvres installed

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Features & Benefits

  • Years of proven credibility

  • Strongest product of its kind in the industry

  • Cyclone Rated

  • Over 150 colour options

  • Optional 90mm or 150mm blades

  • Contemporary design

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