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How to prepare your outdoor shutters for a storm

How to prepare your outdoor shutters for a storm Australia’s weather is notorious for throwing up some extreme conditions. Across the country, things can go from a clear, sunny day to a wild electrical storm in an instant.  These unpredictable conditions can be troublesome for homes and their awnings. Fortunately, many homeowners choose aluminium shutters…
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How to clean plantation shutters

Plantation shutters provide a home with a sunny, elegant aesthetic. But along with other household additions, they do require occasional cleaning to ensure they look their best year-round.  Elipso has produced this quick five step guide to ensure best cleaning practice. Following these steps will not only keep your plantation shutters looking fresh and vibrant,…
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How to prepare for cyclone season

yclone season typically occurs in Australia’s northern states between the months of November and April. It is important that you are always prepared for this most unpredictable season, and this includes doing the following… Prepare your property for cyclone season If you live in an area that is susceptible to cyclones, The Bureau of Meteorology…
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