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How to clean plantation shutters

Plantation shutters provide a home with a sunny, elegant aesthetic. But along with other household additions, they do require occasional cleaning to ensure they look their best year-round. 

Elipso has produced this quick five step guide to ensure best cleaning practice. Following these steps will not only keep your plantation shutters looking fresh and vibrant, but will also help prolong their lifespan.

Check out our steps to ensure clean plantation shutters below.

Step 1. Remove dust & debris

Clean any dust and debris that has built up on your shutters. The quickest, easiest way to do this is by using a soft brush with a vacuum attachment. This will efficiently suck up any dust and debris, making your next step far easier. 

Step 2. Wipe them down

Once you have removed any dust and debris with your vacuum attachment, wipe the plantation shutters down with a dry cloth. This will help remove any dust and debris you didn’t catch with the vacuum attachment. 

Pay close attention to the space between the shutters as these areas accumulate dirt over time and especially when left unattended. 

Step 3. Wipe down with water

The next thing you have to do is wipe the shutters down with water. Avoid using harsh chemicals unless you have to remove grease or other sticky spots. Avoid using too much water, as getting water stuck in the shutters’ wooden frame could warp or bend them. 

Step 4. Dry thoroughly

After washing the shutters, ensure they are dried properly. Don’t leave any water behind as this could also lead to warping the wood. If it’s a pleasant, sunny day, leave your shutters open, as this will fasten the drying process. If not, simply aim a fan towards the shutters.

Step 5. Enjoy your clean shutters

There is a special feeling that comes with a freshly cleaned house, and the same can be said for your stylish plantation shutters. You’ve done the right thing by cleaning them, now it’s time to enjoy their freshness as well as the knowledge that you are prolonging their lifespan.

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